Test middle click


  • Disable popup windows:
    The program will block window that you define as popup.
    To define window as popup, right-click anywhere in the popup window (not on image or controls), and select "Block this popup window" option from the popup menu. Next time this window will be blocked.
    Use IE Tools menu (Tools->View popup windows) to view/remove links you selected to block.
  • Filter ad banners:
    To filter ad banner right-click on it and select "Block this Image" option from the popup menu.
    If the banner is a flash object, this will not work since flash object has its own context menu. To filter flash object, right-click anywhere in the document and select "Block Flash..." option from the popup menu. You will see the list of URLs of all flash objects in the document, with check box near each URL. Examine which objects you want to block by toggling the check boxes.
    Use IE Tools menu (Tools->View blocked content) to view/remove links you selected to block.
  • Open link in new window using middle mouse button.
  • Unlock pages with forbidden right click: some pages block Internet Explorer context menus (that is, when you right-click there is an alert box or nothing happen). In this case, press on both left and right mouse button at the same time anywhere in the page.



  • Ad blocking feature:
    The program concept is built on the assumption that all ad content is placed in the separated directory on each server, for example
    As of today this assumption holds for most sites. This directory is calculated as you are blocking ads.
    Because of this, there may be a situation that you blocked some ad but it appears again in the same place. There may be two cases:
    1. The ads directory is not yet fully calculated. For example, last time you blocked this ad banner from, and the new banner is from . In this case, just block the banner again, and the program will remember the right directory .
    2. The site is not conforming to the assumption "all ads in the separated directory". In this case nothing can be done, sorry. If you block such ad again, the program will overwrite previously defined blocking path for this server (in other words you have to choose which banners you don't like more).
  • Open link in new window using middle mouse button:
    Be sure the middle button has the default value assignment (check your mouse software). For example, MS Intellimouse middle button has the default value of AutoScroll.
    You can test whether your middle button is working on this page.
  • The following registry keys are used to store blocked links:

How to uninstall

From Add/Remove Programs applet.

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Last updated: 07/09/08.